From November 12 in library, the new book of Vito Mancuso, Dio e il suo destino (Garzanti)!


Vito Mancuso is one of the most important european theologian. He was born in Carate Brianza (Italy) in 1962 and he studied theology in Milan under the guide of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who suggested him to continue his studies in Naples, with Bruno Forte. Vito concluded his curriculum studies with another great italian theologian, Piero Coda. Mancuso wrote some of the most significant theological books of recent years; we want to remember, L’anima e il suo destino (Raffaello Cortina 2007), Io e Dio (Garzanti 2011), Io amo (Garzanti Editore 2015). To see the other titles and for all information about Vito Mancuso go to

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