Miro Silvera was born in Aleppo in 1942, from a Jewish family. He is author of poetries, essaies and novels. In recent years, he published a novel on the figure of Jesus, Io Yeshua chiamato Gesù, which is also the script of a film by the famous italian director Alessandro d’Alatri, I giardini dell’Eden. Miro Silvera now lives and works in Milan.


Liber singularis, Sefer Books, 2014.

Cinema e libroterapia. Come i film curano l’anima, Salani, 2010.

Il passeggero occidentale, Ponte alle Grazie, 2009.

Il prigioniero di Aleppo, Frassinelli, 1996.

L’ebreo narrante, Frassinelli, 1993.


Jesus between Judaism and Christianity (EN)