Daniela Abravanel graduated with a degree in Philosophy in Milan and a master’s degree in Counseling and Family Therapy in California. After this, she set off on a spiritual journey, traveling to remote lands and cultures where she longed to get in touch with the regenerating power of God and nature.
In Yucatan, she met a Mayan shaman, a healer and clairvoyant who was more than one hundred years old. He became her spiritual guide for two years.
He then advised her to leave Mexico and to continue her quest in order to learn “how to serve God,” an expression that only a few years later began to make sense to her.
Leaving Mexico, she traveled to Rishikesh, India, where she learned yoga, and then to Dharamsala in the Himalayas to study Buddhism.
In the Orient as well, her teachers encouraged her to keep on searching and to leave India in order to find her own spiritual roots.
Encouraged by Chabad rabbis, Daniela began studying the Torah, Chassidut and Kabbalah. She went to Israel, where she learned Jewish mysticism,  studying with rabbis in Jerusalem and Safed.


La Cabalà e i quattro mondi della guarigione, Mamash, 2011.

Cabalà e trasformazione con le lettere ebraiche, Mamsh, 2007.


Introduction to Kabbalah (EN)