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Faouzia Farida Charfi is a tunisian physicist and politician. She studied Physics at theUniversity of Paris and in Tunis. Since 1964 to 1966, she thought at the École normale supérieur of Tunis and she was researcher at the Tunisian Atomic Energy Commission in 1967-68. Since 1995 to 2001 she was Director of the Institut préparatoire aux études scientifiques et techniques. She is member of the Académie tunisienne des sciences, des lettres et des arts and visiting professor in several universities around all the world.

During the presidency of Habib Ben Ali Bourguiba, Faouzia Farida Charif participated to the clandestine movement “Perspectives”. After the revolution in 2011 she was the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, but resigns in March of the same year, in order to militate for freedom as a simple member of the civil society.

#InstantBook: Faouzia Farida Charfi presents “La science voilée”.