Olivia Guaraldo is Associated professor in political philosophy at the University of Verona. Her filed of research comprises modern and contemporary political thought. She has worked extensively on Hannah Arendt thought and feminist political theory. Her publications include Storylines. Narrative, history and politics from an Arendtian perspective (SoPhi, Jyvälskilä 2001), Politica e racconto. Trame arendtiane della modernità, Roma, Maltemi, 2003.  Among her most recent articles: To the narrative turn and back: The political impact of storytelling in feminism, in Hyvarinen, Hyden (eds.), The traveling Concept of Narrative (Amsterdam 2013); Between realism and fiction: Arendt and Levy on Concentrationary Imaginaries, in G. Pollock, M. Silverman (eds.), Concentrationary Imaginaries (London 2015). She has co-edited, with Angie Voela, The gender and education, special issue “If not now when: feminism in contemporary activist, social and educational context” (2016). Her most recent book is: Comunità e vulnerabilità. Per una critica politic della violenza, Pisa, ETS 2012.

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